Tuesday April 5, 2022

NI Strategic Business Development Director Joins Open RF Association Board

Chen Chang, Strategic Business Development Director at NI (formerly National Instruments), has joined its board of directors. NI, a leading developer of automated test and measurement systems, joins Broadcom, Intel, MediaTek, Murata, Qorvo and Samsung Electronics on the Open RF Association Board of Directors.

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Tuesday March 29, 2022

Open RF Association Drives Industry Collaboration to Develop a 5G Device Power Profile Study

Member collaboration with Signals Research Group creates real-world profiles for RF power levels in 5G handsets to improve battery life.

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Thursday December 9, 2021

Open RF Association Announces Release of OpenRF Version 1.0.0 Specification

Initial specification release establishes an open, interoperable ecosystem between 5G chipset
and RF front-end vendors

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Tuesday September 14, 2021

UNISOC Adds RFIC Expertise to the Open RF Association

UNISOC, a leading global supplier of core chipsets for mobile communications and
IoT, has joined the association.

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Tuesday March 16, 2021

NI Joins OpenRF to Help Accelerate 5G Interoperability and Adoption

As a leading developer of automated test and measurement systems that help engineers solve some of the world’s toughest challenges, NI will work with OpenRF to address the interoperability challenges facing the 5G ecosystem.

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Thursday March 11, 2021

Open RF Association and MIPI Alliance Sign Cooperation Framework (Liaison) Agreement

The Cooperation Framework (Liaison) Agreement between the OpenRF Association and the MIPI Alliance allows the two organizations to engage in joint collaborative projects relating to radio frequency (RF) front-end architecture, design, and technology.

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Wednesday October 7, 2020

Leading Wireless Chipset Providers and RF Front End Vendors Launch OpenRF to Advance RF Front End Development and Drive Interoperability Across the 5G Ecosystem

OpenRF delivers optimum system performance, greater choice in RF front end platforms, faster time-to-market, and lower Total Cost of Ownership for 5G device manufacturers.

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