David Southcombe

Director Systems Engineering, Qorvo

David Southcombe has over 25 years engineering experience and 34 patents, focused on communication systems engineering for the past 20 years in both DoD and commercial applications. David has a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts from Wheaton College (IL) with a minor in German, a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from University of Illinois with a minor in International Engineering, and a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from Illinois Institute of Technology.

His experience encompasses development of: radar, radar jammer, and autonomous sensor algorithm for ground and airborne platforms (including B52, F15, F22 & F35), beam steering and interferometer design, IFF interrogator & receiver design, IS-136 and UMTS protocol stack and hardware abstraction layer software, DSP algorithms for wireless modems, RF channel analysis (linear & non-linear), and even power reduction techniques and control solutions for vacuum cleaners. For the past 13 years he’s been at Qorvo architecting and designing mobile RF Front End solutions (RF, analog, and digital designs), including PMIC, PA modules, and switch modules. David designed digital buses used on the F35, and is a contributor to the MIPI RFFE Working Group and published standards.